Blogs and Social Media

Blog banners

These are some examples of  blog banner designs I've created in the last of couple of years.

Blog banner sample
Used in the header of a blog entry announcing the courses for 2017.
Blog banner design
This image was used within the blog entry and in related social media posts.
Blog banner design
This blog banner with typography was used to promote a webinar.
Blog image design
I created this illustration for an article about technology as the key to compliance management.
Blog banner design
This image was used as a blog header and a paid display ad to promote the article.

LinkedIn banners

These two banners were posted on LinkedIn to promote the client's training courses for Easter 2017.

LinkedIn social media ad design
LinkedIn social media ad design

Facebook posts

These next two were posted on Facebook for the 2017 Christmas holidays.

Facebook social media post design
Facebook social media post design

I also created a couple of Facebook ads for The Laughing Cat Bakeshop earlier this year to promote their landing page for partners.

Facebook social media ad design

Instagram posts

I styled and photographed Melon Thief Design Studios' products as part of its Instagram rebranding.

Social Media photography
I styled and photographed this flat lay of one of Melon Thief's passport holders.
Melonthief social media post
This is how majority of Melon Thief's photos appear in Instagram.
Melonthief instagram social media page
Melon Thief's Instagram account after the brand refresh.


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Thanks to Austin Neill, Jill HeyerAlexandru Tudorache and Ian Schneider for the awesome background images!